Something about me

[First image - baby] So, It's me!
I was born in 1970 year in Bratislava, the city of Slovakia.

[Second image - pionier] [Third image - big boss]

I was student on SPSE - electrotechnical middle school (1985-1989), then I was student on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (FEI) of Slovak Technical University (1989-1994).

My hobby is my home-computer Speccy and writing programs for this great computer. I wrote many programs, you can see some of them. I cooperate with my the best friend Noro - he is very good musician. We both like Jean Michel Jarre's music. I write some tales and stories, you can see some of them too. (back)

And still one trifle: Since may 1987 my signature looks like this: